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Paradise – Abdulrazak Gurnah

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This novel reminded me of another version of the biblical story of Joseph/Yousef. The story is of a young boy who is ‘given’ to uncle Aziz, a merchant, to work in his shop, along with another, slightly older boy Khalil, who is also with uncle Aziz as a debt repayment. It is a story set in Africa and incorpoates different elements of African history such as slavery, trade, and colonialism.

I was hard pressed to find the ‘horror’ that reveiws had suggested existed in this book. In some respects, it was a good life for the boys with lots happening, including a very eventful journey. The mystery of the garden was interesting and the mistress somewhat disturbing. Kalasinger, one of the characters in the book took blasphemy in good humour. I thought Khalil was an interesting but sad character and uncle Aziz was not as sinister as my imagination had thought he would be. I was cautious about Mohammad Abdulla who turned out to be quite harmless.

This was an interesting read though it did not rock my world.

Written by Um Yousef

6 May 2006 at 10:00 pm

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