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Dear Fatty – Dawn French

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We chose this book as a ‘light read’ for a change and I particularly loved the title.  What I also really liked about this book was that if you are familiar with Dawn French, you can see her ‘saying’ everything that she says in the book-it is very real in that respect and very down-to-earth. I found the whole history of becoming a star a little boring although I can see how others would enjoy it-that’s just a matter of personal interest.  I did learn some new things about her marriage which I must’ve missed from the (tabloid) press.  My disappointment came from it not being as funny as I had hoped, coming from such a successful comedienne, but as a memoir, I guess life isn’t as funny as fictional comedy can be. It did however, entertain and I decided that it was a good book for that reason.

Written by Um Yousef

7 March 2010 at 7:00 pm