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Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

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This book for our October read was long and drawn out, with no specific goal.  It was simply the life of one woman who after deciding to divorce her husband (we are never actually given details of this relationship/divorce) decides to go on a journey to ‘find herself’ and ends up travelling to Italy, India and Indonesia.  In our discussion, the majority of us seemed to come away with a ‘so what’ feeling and one friend aptly summed up the author as self indulgent.  I found her journey to Italy perhaps the most entertaining-she travels to Italy for the simple reason that she has a desire to learn Italian.  In the land of love, she has vowed to avoid relationships, romance, love.  So her story there is of great food, great people and a great atmosphere that is relaxed and easy going.  I found her to be humourous and energetic in Italy.  However, when she travels to India and later to Indonesia, her spiritual thirst I found irritating.  That could be because it came across as an awakening for her, which to me seemed unreal and even pretentious.  Others found her liberating and inspiring for daring to take on such an adventure.  I felt she was attention seeking and so I became bored half way through her Indian experience.  For me it was a long journey to the end (of the book).

Written by Um Yousef

4 October 2008 at 12:12 pm