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The 19th Wife – David Ebershoff

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This book is set in the 1870’s USA as well as present day-two stories about Latter Day Saints.  The historic is about Ann Eliza Young, who divorces her powerful husband Brigham Young (leader and Prophet of the Saints) and sets herself on the path to end polygamy.  The present day is set around Jordan Scott, a young man who has been thrown out of the modern-day Latter Day Saints and who is trying desperately to find out the truth behind his father’s murder.  This book intrigued me from the onset.  The resilience of Ann Eliza Young in facing the challenges and struggles of women under such testing conditions was inspiring.  The same inspiration came from reading Jordan’s story of his mother and her relationship with his father.  I was interested to read about polygamy in the Western world and this book confirmed for me my personal understanding of how patriarchs in all societies use their positions of power to abuse the rights of women and children for their own personal gains. Murder, power, abuse, control, mystery and survival all come together in this well-written and immensely thought-provoking book.